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Covid tax cuts have reduced tourist taxes worldwide by just 1% - pressure on governments to do more to help

  • Extension to tax cuts “will almost certainly be needed” as Covid restrictions continue
  • Only four of 25 countries in study have reduced taxes to help tourism industry

Taxes on buying a home now...

  Spain, Belgium and Japan all tax more than 10% on house purchases Pressure to increase property taxes to address costs of coronavirus...

UHY strengthens representation in Central America

We welcome Morales, Tellez & Asociados CÍa Ltda, our new member firm in Nicaragua, to the global accountancy network UHY, extending our coverage...

UHY strengthens representation in the Middle East

We welcome Pillars Advisory, our new member firm in Kuwait, to the global accountancy network UHY, strengthening our representation in the Middle....

UHY strengthens representation in United Arab Emirates

We welcome UHY James Chartered Accountants, our new member firm in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) to the global accountancy network UHY, extending....

Inheritance Tax rates in G7 and EU countries ten times higher than emerging economies

No inheritance tax in emerging economies such as China, India and Russia Major economies under pressure to abolish unfair ‘death tax’ ....

Top earners in G7 pay over 60% more in income tax compared with those in BRIC countries

• Yet almost no difference between lower income tax payers in G7 and BRIC countries
• Russia has lowest rate for top earners

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