Corporate governance & risk management

Businesses and organisations are expected to comply with increasingly stringent governance not only to satisfy regulators but to demonstrate a commitment to best practice to wider stakeholders and investors.

Through the UHY network, clients are able to readily access expertise on corporate governance and risk management issues across borders and benefit from insight into global legislative and regulatory trends. 

Many clients choose to outsource their governance and secretarial administration to UHY member firms, benefitting from direct access to professional advisers, increased efficiency and cost savings.

Working with specialists in the field also enables you to focus your efforts on developing your business with the assurance that your statutory obligations are being complied with.


 UHY member firms help clients understand and mitigate the risks they face in areas such as regulatory change, new legislation and threats to political instability. 

They are able to offer sector specific expertise in areas such as financial services and commodities. 

Experts also work with businesses and organisations to build resilience and to embed good risk management practices.

Extensive experience of Sarbanes-Oxley ensures clients can access guidance and advice on specific aspects, or receive step-by-step compliance support.


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