Engineering & industrial

In an increasingly global sector, UHY member firms are working with many leading engineering and industrial businesses to help achieve their ambitions.

The industry is undergoing a significant transformation with strong growth in mass production in many developing economies, while in more mature markets the focus is very much on driving technological and productivity improvements.

Challenges for the sector include securing access to finance, currency volatility, ensuring sustainable supply chains and pricing pressures. Sector specialists from the UHY network assist many clients in dealing with the key issues facing the sector.

Extensive knowledge of the sector also enables member firms to identify opportunities to accelerate growth, deliver operational efficiencies and support better decision making for clients.


Specialists from UHY member firms work with businesses on specific issues such as improving the management of supply chains to identify potential cost savings and mitigate risks, to production schedules. 

Practical and timely advice on the best way to handle issues arising from financial problems with key suppliers can ensure business continuity.

For many clients operating across borders, the member firms from the global UHY network are able to provide advice in areas such as import taxes, tariffs, subsidies and exchange rate strategies. 


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