Media & communications

From film production to mobile marketing, UHY member firms work with clients across the media and communications spectrum. 

As the industry becomes ever more global in its outlook, clients are able to draw on specialist knowledge and insight from both mature and emerging markets.

Experts from across our member firms also have significant experience of specific issues affecting the sector such as structuring of royalty agreements, licensing and the valuing of intellectual assets.


Transformed by technology during the last decade, the industry is arguably the fastest moving in the world.   Although changes have proved highly challenging for many traditional media companies, the overall sector continues to grow at a rapid pace. 

The new digital environment presents companies with risks and opportunities on a scale never seen before.  In addition to revolutionising the media industry itself, the development of areas such as mobile platforms is leading to unprecedented shifts in wider consumer behaviour. 

Sector specialists from UHY member firms are able to provide informed insight into the latest trends and the implications and opportunities for clients.

As well as benefitting from the full range of accountancy services, many clients in the sector use management consulting services provided through the UHY network to address specific projects or business needs. 

Sectors of the industry which UHY member firms work with include:

  • Film & television
  • Music
  • Digital media
  • Publishing
  • Agencies – advertising, sponsorship, marketing
  • Video Games 
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