High-tech, electronics & IT

The rapid pace of change is creating significant challenge and opportunity within the technology sector 

Experts from member firms across the UHY network work with businesses throughout the industry, from hardware and semiconductor manufacturing to IT consultancy and help desk support.

With the exponential growth in data creation, UHY specialists have also developed understanding of issues for clients in the cloud computing, hosting and data centre sectors.

With businesses and consumers continually looking for new ways for technology to improve their operations and lifestyles, the sector is forecast for continuing rapid growth.

Protecting customer security, the pressures involved in having to rapidly bring new products to market and valuing intellectual property are some of the key business issues where UHY specialists are able to provide expert advice to help clients make the most of the opportunities and mitigate risk.


The nature of the technology industry means many of the businesses which work with UHY member firms have international operations or ambitions to break into new markets. 

The global reach of the UHY network means member firms are well positioned to provide local market knowledge and advice. In addition to providing detailed market analysis, member firms have helped many technology clients deal with the practicalities of establishing manufacturing or service facilities in new markets.

Financial and business consulting services provided to the technology sector include: 

  • Market assessment
  • Financial planning for product development
  • Software licensing issues
  • Tax planning and advice
  • Business management services
  • Investment due diligence
  • Resource management
  • Strategic planning and execution
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