Food & drink

Already the world’s largest industry  - more than a trillion dollars of goods are traded between countries annually –  the food and drink sector is predicted to see continued strong growth on the back of a growing global population.

Our member firms work with businesses across every aspect of the industry, from product development, equipment and packaging solutions to distribution.

Specialists from across the UHY network are aligned with the challenges of keeping up with demand for innovation and consumer habits this sector faces.

Their significant experience of the sector enables member firms to help minimise the administrative burden clients face and focus on their core business strengths.

They have contacts with sources of funding to help unlock capital from banks, the public sector and private equity players to help fund product development, improvement of manufacturing processes, distribution and moves into new markets.


Rising consumer demand for new food and drink products and the growth of the global middle class is leading to huge opportunities for premium and high-margin products across international markets.

The global UHY network is ideally placed to work with food and drink companies looking to make the most of national and international opportunities whether through sourcing ingredients, establishing new production facilities or selling in overseas markets.

Clients are able to draw on the local knowledge and expertise of member firms in areas such as import duties, customs compliance and protecting intellectual property.


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